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Find calm and confidence with the Brave and Able ® Breathing Buddies.

Big feelings can be overwhelming and confusing – both for kids and their parents! Thankfully, Brave and Able are here to help kids learn how to take charge of their brains with slow, strong breathing skills that will help them become their most magnificent, brave and able selves.


Scientific studies have shown that slow, deep breathing has the ability to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and memory, and even grow new brain cells! Slow, controlled breathing skills are the most widely used, first prescribed coping technique in managing anxiety.

This works by getting us out of our fight, flight or freeze response and tells our body that it is safe to rest and digest. This is all thanks to our very clever, but very over-vigilent nervous system.


Developed in consultation with children’s psychologists and educators, Brave and Able Breathing Buddies offer slow, deep breathing guidance without the need for an app or a smartphone. Guided light teaches kids how to calmly take control of their breathing and regain focus. 

Our intention is that Brave and Able Breathing Buddies become a tangible tool for grown ups to engage children in conversations about all kinds of feelings, and provide a demonstration for how to start to work through them. They are a great routine building tool to help develop confidence and autonomy in self-regulation and to remind kids (and parents!) to take five and come up for air.


Brave and Able Breathing Buddies help encourage regular quiet play, brain breaks and time in. Build mindful breathing time into morning or evening routines, or while kids are calm, so that these skills can be recalled in tricky situations when they need them most. And don’t forget to take your Brave and Able Breathing Buddy with you on your biggest adventures! They love to play and give new things a try!

We hope to build lifelong skills that empower kids to be their most brave and able self, in any situation.

Fully portable and with no need for wifi, children can practise with their Breathing Buddies wherever their adventures take them.

Brave and Able Breathing Buddies are made of beautifully soft fabrics in a variety of textures, to add an extra sensory element to help kids regain focus while they practise slowing their breathing. Brave and Able are the kind of buddies you can always rely on to make you feel safe, calm and in control.

They are also great snugglers and suitable for bedtimes.

Get back to playing, learning and having fun.


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