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Helping kids to manage their big feelings

Kids live life at full speed – full of excitement, energy, nature, imagination, adventure, mess and fun. With a big life comes big emotions and big challenges, which often leave kids feeling unstuck, unsafe, unsettled and unsure. These big feelings can be overwhelming and confusing –both for kids and their parents!

Thankfully, Brave and Able Breathing Buddies are here to help kids learn how to take charge of their brains with slow, strong breathing skills that will help them become their most magnificent, brave and able selves.

Developed in consultation with children’s psychologists and educators

Brave and Able Breathing Buddies offer slow, deep breathing guidance without the need for an app or a smartphone. Guided light teaches kids how to calmly take control of their breathing and regain focus.

Brave and Able hope to build lifelong skills that empower kids to be their most brave and able self, in any situation. 

Better breathing, backed by science

Scientific studies have shown that slow, deep breathing has the ability to reduce anxiety, increase confidence and memory, and even grow new brain cells!

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Sensory fabrics

Brave and Able Breathing Buddies are made of beautifully soft fabrics in a variety of textures, to add an extra sensory element for kids. This helps them regain focus and be present.

Develop self-regulation skills

Brave and Able are the kind of buddies you can always rely on to make you feel safe, calm and in control. They help encourage regular quiet play, brain breaks and time in. Build mindful breathing time into your routines while kids are calm, so that these skills can be recalled in tricky situations when they need them most.

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Blog posts

Is calm breathing just meditation?

Meditation and calm breathing – these terms get thrown around interchangeably at times and often get confused. You’ll sometimes hear the term breathwork, too. While they have some overlapping aspects and overlapping benefits, they do differ in many ways.

We’re going to have a look at some of the key differences.

Blog posts

10 ways to help kids through death and grief

It’s one of the hardest things for us to grapple with, and even harder for our kids – death, dying and the associated avalanche of big feelings. It can be hard for us to help our kids work through grief when we ourselves are grieving or struggling. So here are 10 simple ways you can help them, which will also sneakily help you.

Blog posts

Calm breathing with your kids

Parents, caregivers and the village that raise our little people need all the tools in their toolbox to manage big emotions. One of the best ‘tools’ for kids (and adults) is calm breathing.

This skill helps them focus in the moment on something within their body, and within their control – as opposed to the “the thing” (or things) that are making them sad, mad, or frustrated. It also helps them to slow down physically, stopping within a moment and acts as a ‘pause’ button for them to take a break from their thinking and emotions. 

Blog posts

The science behind calm breathing - a quick guide to our nervous systems

When we turn breathing into a conscious, thoughtful and purposeful activity we quickly learn it’s our inbuilt superpower. Calm breathing empowers our kids to be able to access an internal physical and psychological regulator that can act as a circuit breaker; a battery charger; a time out and a pep talk. Read how.

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