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Developed in consultation with children’s psychologists and educators, Brave and Able Breathing Buddies offer slow, deep breathing guidance without the need for an app or a smartphone.

  • A tangible tool for parents and caregivers to engage children in conversations about big, confusing feelings
  • Guided light teaches kids how to calmly take control of their breathing and regain focus, calming the nervous system.
  • Routine building tool to help develop confidence and to remind kids (and parents!) to take five and come up for air
  • Soft fabrics in a variety of textures add an extra sensory element to help kids regain focus
  • Great snugglers and suitable for bedtimes

Simply follow the guided light in your Brave and Able Breathing Buddy's tummy and notice as your breathing slows, and your busy mind refocuses. With a clearer mind you can more easily work through your big feelings.

Brave and Able Breathing Buddies help encourage regular quiet play, brain breaks and time in. Build mindful breathing time into morning or evening routines, or while kids are calm, so that these skills can be recalled in tricky situations when they need them most.

Don’t forget to take your Brave and Able Breathing Buddy with you on your biggest adventures! They love to play and give new things a try!

  • Fully portable and no need for wifi, requiring only 2 x AAA batteries (notincluded)
  • For children aged 3 years and over


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Danielle Muir
    Ultimate emotional regulation tool

    Having children on the Autism spectrum, means we often deal with lots of anxiety, big emotions and challenges with being able to regulate emotions. Our breathing buddies have been instrumental in helping our children to begin to develop good habits to be able to recognize when they aren’t feeling quite right and able to provide a visual example of how to breathe and to help calm and regulate. They have also completely transformed our night time sleep habits and the combination of slow breathing a watching their buddies light up is the perfect calming tool to help them drift of to sleep effortlessly. Highly recommend!

    Jodie Baker
    Amazing product!

    I’ve purchase 3 so far! It’s the perfect gift

    Great tool for teachers

    Brave and Able would be great for any teacher toolkit. I have a lot of experience working with children with special needs, particularly children on the spectrum who struggle with emotional regulation. This would be a great addition as a visual interactive tool to teach them.

    Hailey Connor

    Incredible quality. Very cute and my kids love the idea of helping them through tricky moments


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    Parents, caregivers and the village that raise our little people need all the tools in their toolbox to manage big emotions. One of the best ‘tools’ for kids (and adults) is calm breathing.

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